Marshall McLuhan famously said "We shape our tools. And then our tools shape us."

OPTT will shape how we do psychiatric diagnosis, therapy, and prognosis. Opt for OPTT today!

OPTT family of tools and products provide online mental health support by facilitating secure and convenient communication between healthcare providers and patients. OPTT is a real-time online platform accommodating different classes of users (patients, physicians, administrators, etc.) providing the relevant options and privileges to help overcome the barriers of time, location, and social inhibitions. We guarantee the authenticity and privacy of our users: patients’ identities and medical data will be safeguarded according to the highest industry standards. In Ontario, Personal Health Information Protection Act clearly outlines the rights and responsibilities regarding the protection of privacy.

OPTT telepsychiatry/e-psychiatry is a collaboration between Canarmony and Queen’s Psychiatry Department. Current and under-development features include:

  • accommodation of virtual institutes and sub-specialty clinics,
  • providing direct connection between health providers and patients through private messages or group sessions,
  • recording and tracking of patients’ progress,
  • enabling inter-institute collaborations,
  • query functions for research purposes, and
  • billing and accounting features for insurance providers and government/ministry