Life does not happen on a schedule!
Would you consider time as your most valuable resource in life?
Are you managing your time well and balancing your professional and personal life to your satisfaction?

MESHAI is your future optimizer of time today! Designed to be a one-stop scheduler for your work environment, in its current version, it places employees and human resources into shifts and positions with near mathematical optimality! At its core, MESHAI uses our one-of-a-kind "canarmonizer" engine. It is a very efficient constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) solver further equipped with a so-called ‘shift advantage’ (SA) tool allowing you to find a work schedule that not only satisfies the requirements of your workplace, unions, governments, etc. but also one that is fair, convenient, and adaptive: built with all your team’s personal and other professional commitments taken into consideration.

All these are done with unparalleled ease and accuracy through our user-friendly web and mobile interfaces (via iOS and Android Apps).

Sample user testimonials:

"MESHAI saves us so much time; we used to take weeks emailing back and forth and haggling over good and bad shifts to find a schedule that works for everyone. Now, I do all that work in less than 10 minutes for each month’ s schedule."

"I have devoted my life to helping others and make a positive contribution to people’s health. It used to be frustrating to never get the shifts that suited my own health condition and my children’s school and after-school hours. With MESHAI, I get the shifts I ask for."

"My company employs hundreds of temporary employees to fill our special rotations. We seemed to always either be short or have more than what the demand was...MESH has saved my unit thousands of dollars each month by allowing for better planning the staff times."

"I manage a team of twenty servers and no matter how much I tried, I would have angry staff accusing me of favouring some over others... MESH automates everything... not a single complaint about the schedule since we switched... Not sure if it is the fact MESH accommodates all the requests from everyone or the fact that they know a computer has done the work and not me manually."

"The software balances times, commitments, and constraints to satisfy any required condition for any unit no matter how complicated. Work schedules are easy to manage as they are clearly reported to individuals and administrators... MESHAI has made my life easy to manage and to report when needed."

"The [MESHAI] schedules are interactive and dynamic when needed and allow for seamless connectivity to many calendar formats...we love the fast and convenient updates, edits, and swaps."

"MESHAI allows for different classes of users with various privileges...latest version of our team’s schedule is always available for all to see at any given time...even the switchboard has access to it even though they're not managed by me nor are they in my group technically."

"We used to pay two administrators pretty much full-time just to handle the scheduling and changes it might need on a regular bases...we’re talking close to a hundred thousand dollars on a payroll budget line...those two individuals now spend only hours per week doing what they used to do full-time...with MESHAI in place now, they do more interesting and creative work helping with the unit’s efficiency like never before."

"My manager could not find a replacement for us if anyone got sick. She had to go through so much trouble that I was afraid if I get sick, I might be let go...I also had to work hard calling or texting everyone who could possibly take my shift when I had a flu. MESHAI manages all the schedule changes for sick leaves pretty much on the fly."

"It’s amazing. I had a hard time even getting my few days of vacation for when I requested them. MESHAI’s amazing brain asks us once a month to let it know when we want to be off or even on or if there’s anyone I did not want to work with...I can pretty much ask anything I like and it’s amazing how it magically accommodates almost all of my big or petty requests."