It is a very special time of the year! Canarmony’s Canada turns 150 and US Independence day is just around the corner. That means we are certainly in the summery happy mood we deserve all year round!

Canarmony (read from Canadian Harmony) is in triple celebratory mood! Years of academic as well as industrial research and development, close to three years of customer focus and engagement, and countless day and night hours of passionate work in our labs come to fruition. We are delighted to present and launch Canarmony’s MESHAI : tomorrow’s ultimate time-optimizer today.

MESHAI (read mesh-eh-eye) is your one-stop web-based application to optimize your Scheduling, reduce your payroll costs, facilitate Team communications, and improve employer-employee relations. It will save you time, money, and headaches! The ultimate Schedule is here (see sample feature list)!

How much does it cost a business or organization focused on cost saving, revenue maximization, and employee satisfaction? MESHAI’s main plan, Avana*, costs a mere $1 per user each month with a month of free membership added on. This is an exclusive and very limited time offer (July 2017 only) with no contracts and no other fees or setup requirements.

Happy Canada Day!
Happy harmony!
Your time-saving team at Canarmony

See our short (~1 min) videos here to get to know MESHAI better:

PS. You will also love our iOS and Android mobile apps to be released soon!
*Avana is a Sanskrit word referring to “satisfaction” and “protection”.

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